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Panamanian writer, Ariel Agrioyanis, launched a printed version of the book that entered the list of the one hundred most downloaded digital books in Spanish within its category in 2021.

Panama, Panama City | 18/September/2023

Ariel Agrioyanis, best known for the Genticks science fiction saga, recently published the printed version of his book, Reprogramando Nuestro Código Fuente, (Reprogramming Our Source Code), which was among the 100 most downloaded digital books of physics on Amazon in 2021.

Reprogramming Our Source Code has been available only in Spanish as a digital book on Amazon since February 2021. This, which would be its second edition, would be the first time it would physically reach the shelves of various countries.

Ariel Agrioyanis, who is best known for the fictional saga Genticks and the romantic comedy The Scale, published on September 12th the second edition of the book Reprogramming Our Source Code, coming out for the first time in print, in softcover format. This book, which was among the most downloaded digital physics books on Amazon in February 2021, analyzes the main physical theories about how our universe works. In it, Agrioyanis, a systems engineer, explains the theories of Albert Einstein, Thomas Young, and Stephen Hawking, making it easier for the readers to understand the statements presented by these great scientists. It's highlighted in this book the wide exposition that the author gives to what was stated by Gerard 't Hooft, with his Holographic Principle, It includes an explanation from his perspective of how to access the source code of our reality to be able to reprogram it to our favor.

The book, which is already on shelves in several countries and various Internet sites, will soon be available in various local bookstores in Panama City, Panama.

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